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Nom Nom Kids Lifestyle Pack

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The Nom Nom Kids Lifestyle pack includes 4 reusable food pouches, 4 snack bags and 4 sandwich bags.  Perfectly handy, lightweight, practical and fun for kids who use the Nom Nom Reusables on a daily basis.

The Nom Nom Kids reusable food pouch holds up to 140ml of thick liquid food (i.e. purees, yogurts, puddings). Perfect for baby weaning and toddler snacks. Size excluding/including spout: 108mm x 140/165mm.

The fun reusable snack bags are perfect for holding your children's snacks. Fill them with carrots, cucumber, baby tomatoes, raisins, nuts, seeds, biscuits, crisps, flapjacks, apple slices, grapes, treats and so much more! Use the snack bags for healthy snacks on days out, nursery, pre-school or school or use them to portion control the naughty treats. Size: 135mm x 120mm.

The fun reusable sandwich bags are perfect for holding your children's lunch or share snacks. Fill them with 2 slice sandwiches, rolls, pitta's, wraps, pasta salad, vegetable sticks, fruit, crisps, popcorn and so much more! Use them for healthy lunches and snacks on days out, nursery, pre-school or school. The base of the bag expands for extra volume and the bags stand up on their own so snacks can be easily accessed whilst the children play. Size: 185mm x 140mm.

The zip on the sandwich and snack bags are easier to open than our reusable food pouches zips so children can open them on their own. We've even made the back and front a different colour so it's easier to grasp when opening. The bag and zip materials are the same used in the award winning reusable food pouches and have been tested to European standards for safety. 

BPA Free - Phthalate Free - PVC Free - Freezer Safe - Dishwasher Safe