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Nom Nom Reusables Silicone Straws

These colourful reusable silicone straws are perfect for drinks at home and taking out to avoid mess and needing to use disposable straws. Even using paper straws are wasteful as most don't get recycled.

Each pack of contains 6 straws in colours Fucsia Pink, Green, Turquoise Blue, Yellow, Orange and Red with 1 Cleaning Brush. Use them for smoothies, juice, fizzy pop, water and even for warm drinks as long as you check the temperature is safe first.

The straws are made from high grade food grade silicon. The bendy straws can be folded up and transported in one of our reusable snack bags and then taken home to wash by hand or in a dishwasher.

The set comes with a cleaning brush which should be washed after each use to ensure the brush is clean.

BPA Free - Phthalate Free - PVC Free - Easy to Clean - Dishwasher Safe

Length: 220mm

Width: 6mm Internal & 8mm External