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#5 Non-Occasional Gifting

#5 Non-Occasional Gifting

Have you ever stopped and sighed, wishing the door would randomly knock and find a little parcel waiting JUST FOR YOU? It’s quite cliché to receive a gift on your birthday but it’s always surprising to receive a little something just because of who you are. Special occasions are always a good opportunity to show someone you care about them, but stopping to cherish a friendship in the midst of our busy lives can never be more meaningful.

“...stop for a minute and think of that special someone…”

So today just stop for a minute and think of that special someone who gave a hand when you hit rock bottom, who shared a laugh during the good times, who needs a tap on the shoulder amidst the current turmoil, or the one whom you take the most for granted. Even if you never get down to buying a gift, at least send a little Hi/Hello message and remind them they’re special for who they are!

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